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Published 23.09.2021


Privacy Notice

Yango Deli is a service where users can purchase products from us or our partners with home delivery.

You can use the Yango Deli website to find information about the service, subscribe to news, and apply to become a service partner.

The service was created by an international IT company with offices around the world and a parent company in the Netherlands (Yandex N.V.).


1.          Who processes your data on the Yango Deli website?

(1)        Your data is processed by the company providing our service in your country:

·      In Israel: Yandex.GO Israel Ltd. (148 Begin Road, Tel Aviv, 6492104).

·      In France: Deli International S.A.S. (6, place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris).

·      In the United Kingdom: Deli International Limited (Carpenter Court, Maple Road, Bramhall, Cheshire, SK7 2DH, United Kingdom)

In legal terms, these companies are data controllers.

(2)        We base our operations on the experience and technologies of our affiliated companies in Finland, the Netherlands and Russia.

All of our affiliated companies adhere to strict personal data processing requirements.

(3)        Our Data Processing Officer can be contacted at:dpo-yt@yandex-team.ru


2.          Why do we process your data?

(1)        We need the data we receive about you from the Yango Deli website to provide you with our services.

For example, we need your email and zip code to send you relevant news about our service, and the information you enter in applications is required so we can process them.

(2)        Some of your data is also required to improve the user experience and expand our audience. We use this data in our legitimate interests in compliance with your rights.

You can contact our Support service to opt out of this processing if you believe the risks to you are disproportionate to our interests.

(3)        We process a portion of your data as required by law.

For example, if officially requested by law enforcement agencies, we are required to provide them with your data.

(4)        We will sometimes ask for your consent to use certain data. For example, we may need this data for special promotions. But in any event, we will always inform you of why we are requesting your data. You can opt out of processing at any time by contacting our Support team.

3.          What personal data do we process and how?

(1)        We use the data that:

(a)   you enter on your own on the Yango Deli website.

For example, your email and other information you submit.

(b)  we collect about you from your device and browser when you visit the Yango Deli website, and that we generate from analyzing such data.

For example, your device ID and IP address so we can analyze our website audience and better understand our users.

©   we receive from our partners.

For example, if you clicked an ad link to visit the Yango Deli website, we will exchange your ID with the partner. This helps us determine ad campaign performance.

(2)        We only forward your data to parties:

(a)   directly involved in providing you with our services.

For example, technical services engaged in sending emails and messages, processing user requests, and maintaining the website. Also, affiliated parties providing data center services and other parties involved in providing support services.

(b)  with the legal right to receive your personal data.

For example, law enforcement agencies with a legal justification.

©   who help improve our website.

For example, an ad ID or device ID may be shared with companies that provide us with advertising or analytics services.

(3)        We process personal data until we achieve the processing purpose. Then we can continue processing if required by law or is necessary to protect our own rights and interests and those of third parties.

For example, we store order data for the entire statute of limitations period.

(4)        The data you enter on the Yango Deli website is required to process your requests. Without this data, we can’t provide you with services. If we ask for your consent to use certain data, you can opt out and your data will not be used.

(5)        We use automated data processing methods for certain processes.

For example, our traffic analysis systems group users automatically based on various criteria, including the uniqueness of a site visit. This helps us measure advertising campaign performance and the website’s relevance to your requests. If you believe our automated systems made a mistake, please contact our Support team.


4.          Do we transfer personal data to other countries?

(1)        We base our operations on the experience and technologies of our partners and affiliated parties. To maintain the website and protect our legitimate interests, your data is transferred to the following companies:

(a)   in Finland to Yandex Oy (Moreenikatu 6, 04600 Mantsala, Finland) to store data in our data center, and to process, analyze and monitor Yango Deli traffic. Finland is a member of the EU and provides an adequate level of personal data protection

(b)  in the Netherlands to Yandex.Taxi B.V. (Schiphol Boulevard 291, 1118 BH Schiphol, the Netherlands) that provides cloud services for the Yandex Deli website. This is not the case for all countries where Yango Deli operates

©   in Russia to Yandex.Taxi LLC (123112, Russia, Moscow, 1st Krasnogvardeisky passage, 21, building 1) to back up your data in our data centers and use the company’s cloud software solutions

(d)  in the U.S. to The Rocket Science Group LLC (675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000 Atlanta, GA 30308 USA) to send you news messages using the company’s technology solutions

(2)        The Netherlands is a member of the EU and provides an adequate level of personal data protection.

Russia and the U.S. are not on the list of countries providing an adequate level of personal data protection.  Therefore, to ensure your rights and protect data during its transfer, we have data transfer agreements with companies from Russia and the U.S. based on standard conditions approved by the European Commission.


5.          How can you exercise your rights?

(1)       Access.

You can always receive access to your data. All you have to do is contact our Support team.

(2)       Clarification.

You can contact Support to amend any information you entered on the Yango Deli website.

(3)       Erasure.

You can delete data collected about you on the website by contacting our Support team. After deletion, some of your data will remain with us if required by law or to protect our interests (for example, in court). The option to delete data may be restricted, for example, by freedom of speech or by law.

(4)       Restriction.

You have the right to restrict the processing of your data in certain cases. For example, if you want our Support team to amend your data, you can ask us to restrict access to your data until the changes are made. Just contact Support with your request.

(5)       Portability.

When we process your data with automated means based on separate consent or to ensure website operations, you can request such data in a machine-readable format. Just contact Support with your request.

(6)       Objections.

If you believe that the processing of your data violates your rights, you can submit objections to our Support team. Please note that this is only an option when we process your data in our legitimate interests.

(7)       Complaints.

We are always here to handle your questions and complaints. Just send them to our Support team. If you believe your rights are being violated, you can also file a complaint with the proper authorities.

(8)       Support.

You can contact Support on the Yango Deli website.


6.          How is this Privacy Notice updated?

(1)        We will notify you by all available means if there are changes to the Privacy Notice that significantly affect your rights.

For example, when a new company starts providing our services, or if we update our personal data processing purposes. You will receive a notification before the changes come into effect.

The following terms, conditions, and limitations apply to any advertisement materials:

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- We’ll not pay in cash, redeem, or compensate any discount not used at all or used in part.

- If you return your order, the discount will not be restored.

- We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your promo codes (for example, for technical problems with the system).

By activation of your promo code, you confirm your acceptance of the above conditions.

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