Crepe maker since 1963

After moving from Brittany to Paris in the 1960s, Adolphe and Jeannine LEFEUVRE were surprised to not find any proper local salted pancakes (galettes). Entrepreneurs at heart, they decided to fix this culinary gap by making and selling these products in their modest kitchen. Now based in Essonne, this small business is continuing the tradition with a dedicated team of fifteen people, from crepe makers

Sweet & salted pancakes



The French craft beer. Brewed with love in Pantin

It's a story of the adventure of Jacques and Guillaume, guided by their passion for craft beer. A story of one of the most important Parisian breweries of the early 20th century. The rebirth of Gallia in 2009 brings his beer back to Paris! And reinvents the story of the Parisian brewers' patrimony. Rémy, a self-taught brewer, explores all the options without imposing any restraints on himself. He rei



Andrésy confitures

The homemade jams of Île-de-France

Since 1952, three generations of the Yvelines' small jam manufactory have used copper jam pots to create and cook jams with respect for traditional techniques and French gastronomy. René Walther and his wife, Jocelyne, started by cooking fruits from surrounding orchards and reselling the products to shop owners and at markets with help from the wives of shippers at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine port. They w



Max de Génie

Gourmet and healthy treats. Organic and low glycemic index pastries

Max de Génie, is first and foremost the story of two foodies, Maxime and Eugénie, passionate about cooking and nutrition. Concerned about the effect that sugar has on our body, they made it their mission to make delicious treats the healthy way. And the project took off! After scientific research, Maxime and Eugénie put on their aprons and spent several months in the kitchen, assisted by skilled pastry

Pastry products


Les Biscuits de Claire & Julie

Handmade in Paris

Established in 2017, the Les Biscuits de Claire et Julie cookie factory offers a wide range of creamy cookies, biscuits, and cakes in individual portions or to share. Everything is made on site, in their workshop-store-tea room in the 14th arrondissement of Paris with love :) and without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.




The dedicated ice cream makers

The tasty ice creams and fruity sorbets made in Yvelines reached the tables of the finest Parisian restaurants during the 2000s. Since 2017, Maison Alpérel has offered its frozen treats to everyone, featuring a range of ice creams and organic sorbets reflecting the company's values: artisanal ice creams and sorbets with intense flavors, no artificial colors or preservatives, carefully selected raw ingr

Ice creams & sorbets



Vegan sorbets and ice creams

This is the story of Laura and Cécilia, two friends with a crazy little idea: make alcoholic ice creams to entertain themselves and indulge their friends. From this original idea, Poptails by LAPP was born in 2016 to become the first brand to offer exclusively alcoholic sorbets inspired by cocktails, like the Spritz and Mojito. Since then, LAPP has also created organic and alcohol-free options. Made fr

Ice creams & sorbets



The solidarity-inspired solution against food waste

Since 2016, Linkee has come to the aid of the most disadvantaged by fighting against food waste. Thanks to 2,500+ volunteers and 200 partners from the food industry and other organizations, Linkee is turning the fight against food waste into an anti-poverty solution! Linkee brings together craftsmen, caterers, festivals, events, catering sector companies, medium and large stores, etc. with food surplus



Koté saveurs - monloup

Selection of fruit and vegetables. Monloup Group

A family business founded in 1927 by Raoul Monloup in the former Halle of Paris, Établissements Monloup has been committed to excellence for 3 generations. After relocating to Rungis in 1969, today the company pursues its vision combining family history and modernity under the leadership of Michel then Dominique Monloup. Surrounded by a team of committed professionals, the 3rd generation of breeders

Fruits & Vegetables

Wholesaler in Rungis


Alternative and responsible consumption

Founded in 2009, AlterFood develops natural and organic food brands in the snack, grocery and drink markets. A true laboratory of food trends, AlterFood offers responsible innovations designed for people concerned about healthy eating. Our motto: to offer traceable and healthier consumption alternatives.

Organic drinks


Les Nouveaux Fermiers

Tasty plant-based meat made in France

Can we still afford to eat meat knowing that animal husbandry is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions and 63% of the Amazon's deforestation? It's possible to limit the consumption of meat and change our eating habits little by little. But how can we keep pleasure and savoriness on the menu? Since 2019, a team of gourmands lead by Guillaume Dubois and Cédric Meston has been working around t



Maxime Géraud

In keeping with the current tastes, since always!

A maker and distributor of meat products in the Paris region since 1987, Maxime Géraud offers a wide range of authentic and savory products.

Cold-meats & delicatessen



Organic baby food maker

At HiPP, sustainable development has never just been a buzz word. We've been dedicated to protecting the planet for more than 65 years since Georg HiPP implemented organic farming in his first family farm in a totally groundbreaking manner. HiPP has been a family business for 4 generations and knows how to remain totally independent. A forerunner in organic farming, HiPP has used and valued principles

Baby food



Seafood specialist since 1929

Founded by Yvonne Demarne in 1929, the mussels shop in the heart of the Halle of Paris is now, three generations later in Rungis, the bridge between the production and end distribution of seafood products in all their forms. Demarne keeps its ear to the market to select the best products at the right time to better meet client expectations while ensuring food safety and never forgetting essential valu

Fish & seafood



Superfood from Amazonia and Sri Lanka

Founded in 1990 by Claudie Ravel, Guayapi selects the best raw ingredients from Amazonia and Sri Lanka to distribute as superfood/food supplements, delicatessens, and cosmetic products. These products meet three basic fundamental criteria: biological, environmental (biodiversity), and social (fair trade).



L'Hours - Loué

Chicken farmer cooperative since 1958

Maine's fattened chickens and capons have been famous since the Middle Ages. Located in the heart of the bocage, Loué is a town in Maine. In 1958, faced with the growth of the industrial chicken on Loué's market, some visionary locals decided to ""save the farm chicken."" Thus, the producer group of Les Fermiers de Loué was born and imposed strict specifications on farmers that still today constitute t




Lequertier Marée

Marcel Lequertier started its operation in 1968 in the covered market of Caen for local consumers. In 2001, the company was taken over by his sons, Erick and Didier, and is today a key player in the sale and processing of seafood products on the French and international markets. The company sources products directly from boats and fish markets operating on the Channel and in the North Atlantic to provi

Fish & seafood



Super-plants to regain our superpowers!

To stop the suffering of stress and insomnia, Mindology explored all the available solutions with an array of experts, including sophrologists, naturopaths, hypnotherapists, herbalists, and more. Thanks to this experience, natural CBD oils from hemp have been developed as a natural ally of well-being extracts to help soothe anxiety and improve sleep quality. Mindology offers 100% natural oils to improv




Parisian craft beer

BAPBAP is a craft brewery in Oberkampf, the 11th arrondissement of Paris. From the crushing of grains to bottling, all our beers are made locally in an atypical setting of 1,800 m² sheltered by an Effeil-style metallic structure from the beginning of the 20th century. BAPBAP was born from the shared desire of Édouard and Archibald for a quality local beer 100% "Made in Paris." Since 2014, we've produce

Craft beer