Carline 10 intensive moisturizing vitamin C and keratin mask 500 ml · 7.38 ₽ / 100 ml

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Brand, manufacturerCARELINE
DescriptionCarline 10 intensive moisturizing mask with vitamin C and keratin for damaged and split hair for silky soft hair in a minute for a healthy, flexible, shiny and pleasant to the touch look Nourishes your hair and gives it softness and increased moisture * sulfate-free * paraben-free * salt-free * * sodium chloride-free .” Neka 7's OAT emulsion contains 90% ingredients of natural origin, which help maintain a high level of moisture, soothe irritations and dryness. Gives flexibility, shine and a healthier look to the skin. Among the ingredients of the series: * Oats - rich in antioxidants, nutritious proteins and fats. Helps soothe skin irritations and nourishes it with moisture. * Nourishing and soothing complex - a combination of ingredients of plant origin including aloe, chamomile and calendula, which help in providing instant moisture, soothing irritations and improving the appearance of the skin. After bathing, the skin is relaxed, flexible and soft to the touch. Perfumed with a pampering and refreshing fragrance. K-600 kills flies, mosquitoes, book pests, fabric pests (moths), spray for direct use on carpets, fabrics, books, cabinets and more."
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