Blurry eyeshadow brush 1 pc. · 24.9 ₪ / 1 pc.

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Brand, manufacturerCARELINE
DescriptionMake-up brush for blurring shadows No. 07

The Brushes - A brush for professional and accurate eye makeup

A brush with a round head for blurring shadows, made of high-quality and extremely soft synthetic fibers, which caress the eyelid while distributing the powder evenly. The unique structure of the head allows connecting shades and blurring the lines between them for a uniform look on the entire eyelid. Also ideal for creating depth in the crease of the eye.

How to use: Blurring sharp lines: after placing shadows on the eyelid (brush 4) blur with a clean brush the connection lines between the shadows in the crease of the eye. To create depth, take a little darker eyeshadow and apply in the crease of the eye.

Blurring of shades: to unite light shades with the help of the brush a little of the dark shade and apply in wide and soft movements in the outer corner of the eye until the shades are united.

Blurring the lower lash line: using the brush head, take a little eyeshadow and blur it on the lower lash line. is not produced from animal hair

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