SodaStream syrup Diet 7UP flavor 440 ml · 5.2 ₪ / 100 ml

  • −30%
₪16.03 instead of standard ₪22.90

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Brand, manufacturerSoda Stream
DescriptionWith Sodastream you can make soap up FREE at your home

Each cap has a ""sweetness index"" so you can choose your preferred level of sweetness

One flavor bottle allows the preparation of up to 9 liters of refreshing drink

: preparation instructions

Fill a 1 liter Sodastream bottle with cold water (fill up to the marked line 840 ml)

Carbonate the water according to the desired carbonation level

Fill the cap of the flavor bottle up to the middle line (44 ml)

Tilt the bottle, pour the taste into the carbonated soda and mix lightly !for saturation

Add the syrup to the bottle only after making the soda

Do not aerate after adding the syrup

IngredientsWater, acid (citric acid), natural flavors, acidity regulator (sodium citrate), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K), preservative (sodium benzoate). Contains natural flavors and fragrances
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