Spicehaus Test Tube Baby

200 ml · ₪19.95  / 100 ml

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Brand, manufacturerSpiceHaus
Description<p>Warning: Contains alcohol - it is recommended to avoid excessive drinking The American whiskey gives to the cocktail “body” and Laphroaig gives the “Kick”. Together they create the perfect alcoholic base. The fruity flavors combined with the whiskeys are refined just the right amount to produce a cocktail that is both alcoholic and fruity. The black raspberry gives the cocktail its deep pink color and it is recommended to serve it together with dried lemon. A duet of American whiskey and smoked Scottish Laphroaig combined with black raspberry, apricot brandy, pineapple and lime. 🌿 Vegan 🌾 May contain gluten Warning: Contains alcohol - it is recommended to avoid excessive drinking
IngredientsIngredients: water, pineapple drink( water, central pineapple juice( 36% fruit), sugar, acidity regulator( E330,( flavors and aromas), whiskey, apricot-flavored brandy liqueur, herbal liqueur, blackberry flavored syrup [sugar, water, Flavorings and odor]. Nutrition labeling in 100 ml Drink: Energy( calories) 130. Storage instructions: Keep refrigerated. Recommended for consumption up to 90 days from opening.
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