ARGANIA castor serum for strengthening the hair root 100 ml · 44.9 ₽ / 100 ml

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Brand, manufacturerArgania
DescriptionKick serum from cold pressing from the Argenia series Using Argenia cold-pressed kick serum has two essential and optimal benefits for your hair: 1. Protecting and maintaining the hair throughout the day against the Israeli climate that exposes our hair to extreme conditions. The serum wraps the hairs and prevents moisture from escaping and at the same time protects the hair from external heat and humidity. Thanks to the protection and maintenance, the serum provides: Natural hair look Gives shine 2. You get to receive the best of it, which is an abundance of essential components for hair throughout the day and create constant care for our hair: Rich in essential fatty acids Antioxidants proteins vitamins Vitamin E Antifungal Anti-Bacterial anti inflammatory The combination of the essential components together with the ability to penetrate the third and deep part of the skin layer and with regular use will give you: hypothesis strengthening Nourishing hair follicles dropout prevention Stimulates hair growth Preventing split ends It is important to note that, like all Argenia products, castor oil serum does not contain salts, S.L.S. and has not been tested on animals. How to use: Smooth hair: apply the serum on the palms of your hands and move lightly over the hair from top to bottom. Curly hair: apply the serum on the palms of your hands and lightly move over the hair from the bottom up while shrinking the hair.
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ARGANIA castor serum for strengthening the hair root 100 ml — buy in Ramat Gan for RUB 44.90 with delivery from Yango Deli