ARGANIA Castor oil conditioner without SLS 450 ml · 8.87 ₽ / 100 ml

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Brand, manufacturerArgania
DescriptionIf you have chosen to use the cold-pressed castor oil series for your value, it is important that you supplement the care routine with a conditioner from the castor series. Why is it important and necessary to use a conditioner? In view of the fact that we overlap with hard water in Israel that tends to dry our hair, create many knots (creates breakage and pulling of the hair), exposed to the extreme Israeli climate and unfortunately even with the air conditioner at home we are not protected because the air conditioner makes our hair dry. The cold-pressed castor oil gives the hair the moisture it needs using only natural and essential components that envelop the hair. essential fatty acids Omega 9 and lots of it Vitamin E Daily use of conditioner gives your hair: Moisture required by your hair Hair looks vital and healthy Lightning Makes combing easier (thereby preventing hair breakage and pulling) Makes the hair flexible and makes it easier to style It is important to note that, like all ARGANIA products, castor oil conditioner does not contain salts, S.L.S. and has not been tested on animals. How to use: first wash with shampoo and clean the hair of dirt, soot, dust, etc. and after washing the shampoo thoroughly spread a small amount of Argania conditioner from the Kik series, it is recommended to comb the hair before washing the conditioner, an action that reduces combing damage.
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ARGANIA Castor oil conditioner without SLS 450 ml — buy in Ramat Gan for RUB 39.90 with delivery from Yango Deli