Spicehaus Pineapple Margarita

200 ml · ₪19.95  / 100 ml
₪31.92 instead of standard ₪39.90

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Brand, manufacturerSpiceHaus
Description<p>Warning: The margarita cocktail came to us from the California-Mexico border This is the flagship cocktail of tequila drinks. our version is made of the highest quality pineapple puree, fresh lime, Napoleon mandarin, coconut and agave syrup, the sweet syrup that is produced from the same agave - the source of tequila! This cocktail is suitable for everyone and is especially recommended in family size to share with friends and family Tequila Refusado, pineapple, agave lime syrup, triple sec liqueur 🌿 vegan <p>contains alcohol - it is recommended to avoid excessive drinking"
IngredientsIngredients: Pineapple drink [water, central pineapple juice( 36% fruit), sugar, acidity regulator( lemon salt), flavors], tequila, organic agave syrup, pineapple syrup [sugar, water, pineapple juice concentrate 10%, acidity regulator( Lemon salt), flavorings, food coloring( beta carotene)], mezcal, acidity regulators( lemon salt, malic acid). Nutrition labeling at 100 ml Beverage: Energy( calories) 137. Storage instructions: Keep refrigerated. Recommended for consumption up to 90 days from opening
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