Havat Habokrim Dry Aged Tomahawk 900 g · 25.54 ₽ / 100 g

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RUB 160.93 instead of standard RUB 229.90

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Brand, manufacturerHavat Habokrim
DescriptionKosher under the supervision of Lower Galilee

The best of the chunks on the bone – the Rib eye steak (entrecote)."One portion of this steak is definitely fits a large carnivore or good to be eaten in a company. recommended to let this steak rest after grilling and before serving, so that the liquids will accumulate in the contents and it will remain juicy, also recommended to prepare it on a medium hit to melt all the connective tissue. In the end you will get a particularly juicy, soft, and full of meat flavors steak".

Kosher typeKosher Meat
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Havat Habokrim Dry Aged Tomahawk 900 g — buy in Ramat Gan for RUB 229.90 with delivery from Yango Deli