French salami 100 g · 24.9 ₪ / 100 g

  • −30%
  • High Saturated Fat
  • High Sodium
₪17.43 instead of standard ₪24.90

Per 100g

  • kcal - 388
  • protein - 25
  • fat - 32
  • carbohydrate - 0

About item

Brand, manufacturerYehiam
DescriptionFrench-style dry salami sausage. A combination of coarse tahini and a little red wine. Cold smoking and long drying give the sausage a characteristic texture and an especially rich taste. Gluten free
Kosher typeKosher Meat
IngredientsBeef (95%), table salt, red wine (1%), dextrose, spices, flavoring agents, stabilizer (type 450E phosphate), flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), oxidation inhibitor (sodium erythorbate), leavening culture, substance Preservative (sodium nitrite). Dried product, every 100 grams of product was prepared from 160 grams of meat
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