GARNIER pure active charcoal 3 in 1 150 ml · 25.27 ₽ / 100 ml

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Brand, manufacturerGarnier
Description• Suitable for sensitive skin: if you have chapped and fragile skin and weather changes, fatigue or stress affect it and weaken it even more, this is the product for you. Especially suitable for irritated, dry or tired skin. • Resistant makeup remover: removes water-resistant makeup easily and quickly, and cleans the skin from dirt that accumulates on the skin every day. • 2 actions in one product: combines makeup remover (the blue liquid) with refreshing cleansing water (the transparent liquid) • Soothes the skin: contains provitamin B5, which soothes the skin and helps it feel soft and velvety after use. Does not contain alcohol and does not irritate the skin. • Easy removal: quick and easy removal, no need to scrub hard. Garnier's makeup remover from the Simply Essentials series has two functions in one product: removing makeup at the end of a long day and necessary cleaning for skin that has absorbed environmental damage throughout the day. , helps to maintain hygiene and facial skin care and is especially suitable for those who suffer from sensitive skin and need to clean their face, eyes and lips, as part of their daily care routine. The makeup remover will soothe, cleanse and give you a feeling of healthy and radiant skin.
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GARNIER pure active charcoal 3 in 1 150 ml — buy in Ramat Gan for RUB 37.90 with delivery from Yango Deli