Meshek Tzuriel Quark 5% 500 g · 6.38 ₽ / 100 g

  • −30%
RUB 22.33 instead of standard RUB 31.90

Per 100g

  • kcal - 118
  • protein - 13.8
  • fat - 5
  • carbohydrate - 4.5

About item

Brand, manufacturerMeshek Zuriel, טרה
DescriptionTvorog cheese from Meshek Tsuriel • Cow's milk cheese • 5% fat • No added salt • Neutral in taste and therefore suitable for eating alongside additions such as cream, jam, sugar, raisins, etc. • Excellent for baking both savory and sweet pastries
Kosher typeKosher Dairy
IngredientsPasteurized cow's milk, preservative( potassium sorbate).
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Meshek Tzuriel Quark 5% 500 g — buy in Ramat Gan for RUB 31.90 with delivery from Yango Deli