COLD BREEZE Mint lemonade herbal tea 45 g · 64.22 ₽ / 100 g

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Brand, manufacturerWissotzky
DescriptionCOLD BREEZE You will fall in love all over again with your cold, tasty and refreshing infusions of all the best that nature has to offer. Infuse in cold water. It's a simple and convenient sound! Limonene infusion - the popular flavor duo of lemon and mint produces a refreshing and sour infusion that is fun to drink for pine all year round Preparation instructions: put the lemon in a 500 ml bottle and add cold water, wait 8 minutes, mix well and drink for up to 8 hours stirring the infusion or in short, throw, mix and drink
IngredientsWhite hibiscus, natural flavor and aroma extract (lemon 18%), asana leaves, flavor and aroma extract (mint 14%), mint (6.5%), lemongrass, chamomile, apples, lemon peels (2%). Total plants (62.5%), total fruits (5.5%).
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