Avocado ice cream

An easy-to-make 4-ingredient vegan ice cream when you're in the mood for something light and healthy.
2 h total cooking time
20 minactive cooking
2 / 5recipe difficulty
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Ingredients for 4 portions

  • Avocado
    1 piece
  • Lime
    1 piece
  • Coconut cream
    100 gr
  • Sugar
    30 gr
Also requires blender

Step 1 out of 5

Avocado — 1 piecePeel and finely chop the avocado, and add it to the blender.

Step 2 out of 5

Lime — 1 pieceAdd the juice and zest of half the lime.

Step 3 out of 5

Coconut cream — 100 gr, sugar — 30 grNow add the sugar and blend. As soon as the mixture is smooth, add the coconut cream and blend again.

Step 4 out of 5

Put the mixture in the freezer for 40 minutes.

Step 5 out of 5

Take it out of the freezer, blend the cold mixture again, and put it back in the freezer for another hour. Now you can scoop out the ice cream and serve with syrup or plain.
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