New generation grocery delivery


We are located all around Paris

We do not pass by the supermarket to pick up your order. We deliver groceries in just minutes directly from our warehouses, or dark stores - those shops where you can find anything but customers!

Tetris champs

We strive to pack your shopping bags properly by always placing heavy products at the bottom of the bag. Our wonderful computer system determines the order for picking items based on their type. With artificial intelligence guiding them, our order pickers can't go wrong!

Hello, Yango Deli? We've got a delivery!

How often do we restock fresh food?

We receive deliveries of fresh food every day, such as baked goods, meat, fish, and ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat meals. Our vegetables are restocked every two days.

Our products are fresh. Really fresh!

Our many refrigerators keep our products fresh. Each of our warehouses is also equipped with a cold room.

We organise our products so that we can identify them right away. We sort products by type so that one product doesn't affect the quality of another. For example, we have a refrigerator dedicated to delicately flavoured cheeses from our local producers. You can imagine why...


This product will expire in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

We regularly check the expiration date of each item we put in our system. We run daily updates, receive alerts for items approaching their expiration date, and are prompted to confirm the date.

We prioritise items approaching their expiration date for sale at reduced prices to avoid waste.

We also visually inspect our fruit and vegetables four times a day.

Is there life after expiration?

Absolutely! We check expiration dates every day and remove products that will soon expire from stock.

We work with Linkee for products that we can no longer sell but aren't expired yet. Linkee is a logistics startup that helps us deliver the products we remove from stock to not-for-profit organisations and food banks that help people in need. Linkee visits our warehouses every two days and picks up these items.

Sanitiser all the way

Our employees take care of the warehouse by disinfecting it every day. We also thoroughly wash food items and ask our employees to wash their hands regularly. Masks are required at the warehouse, and we regularly use hand sanitiser. As you may have noticed, at Yango Deli, hygiene is kind of our thing!

Relaxation stations

We have a dedicated space at the entrance of each of our warehouses for couriers waiting to deliver orders. It's a small lounge with a sofa, table and water fountain. We also have a spot for them to charge their bicycles and external batteries. Raincoats are available if needed, as well as a shower facility. Our couriers are also the first to benefit from products that are in oversupply and/or approaching their expiration date. Fresh croissants, baskets of vegetables, and fruit when you want. Working with us definitely has its perks! ;-)